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Fugitive Recovery

God First Fugitive Recovery

Fugitive recovery is simply the process of finding fugitives, apprehending them and returning them back to custody or putting them in jail.

Fugitive RecoveryThe most common definition of a fugitive is a person who is running from the law; whether it is hiding to avoid an arrest or someone who is being looked for by the recovery agents for questioning. Referring to this use of the term, fugitives are persons who are actively concealing themselves in an effort to avoid criminal prosecution. Many types of careers, both public and private actively engage people whose job it is to find and recover those who are missing from the criminal justice system; a "fugitive recovery agent" is in the private sector while public sector jobs include police officers at the state county and city levels and Federal law enforcement agents such as members of the U.S. Marshal Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Often times fugitive recovery agents target those who may have violated their parole.Fugitive recovery agents are those individuals, working in the private sector, who are hired by bail bondsmen to secure the apprehension of criminal defendants who have failed to appear in court as promised when they signed an appearance bond with a bail bond company.

They are called fugitive recovery agents because a) they work fugitive cases; b) their job is the recovery of that individual and c) they are most often acting on behalf of the surety (bondsmen) as his agent in the process.

Maybe it’s your call to duty to make your own neighborhood and community safer; justice is a noble cause, too!



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Fugitive Recovery Company

God First Inc uses a combination of the latest technology, most up to date information and advanced skills and techniques to deliver results in a professional manor. Fugitive Recovery is one of the many investigation services offered by our firm God First provides Fugitive Recovery services in Atlanta, and all other regions of Georgia and nationwide.

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